Syarahan : Customer Service


I, Norsyazana Shafie,  Part 5 student in Diploma in Hotel Management, want to invite Mr Ridhuan to come to our campus for our group event,that is to give a talk about customer service.

Below are the details:
Date: 20 October 2009, Tuesday
Time: 8.00am till 2.00pm ( consist of 2 session, and the exact session will be informed later)
Target Audience: Part 1 & Part 5 students from Faculty Hotel & Tourism Management ( 220 students)
About the talk detail, we hope that Mr Ridhuan can give a  talk about your experiences when handling with customer problems based on your qualifications, we also hope you can mainly focusing the talk on customer service and give us some brief advices and guidance of how to faced customer-related situations.
For brief intro about the Career Talk, for your information, we had invited two speaker to give a talk to the hotel student about the customer service. For the other speakers, we had invited Marketing Manager from local inns to give a talk, that have more work experiences but only have SPM qualification. So, the objectives is, we want the student to know how to give a good customer service based on qualification and experience.
I hope that all this information is sufficient for you and if you have any inquiries, please feel free to ask me.
About the accommodation, we will providing  you a standard room at Hotel UiTM Dungun for one night, so I hope you can come one day early. Further details about the accommodation, will be confirmed later.
I learnt that you will come here by bus, so I want you to confirm back your transportation methods to me, so that we can arranged the pick-up time during your arrival here. All the transportation expenses will be paid by us.
Thank You


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